Even more Tea at Whittard, Kingston.

Another day and another tea shop with even more tea at Whittard, in Kingston’s Bentall Centre.

I do believe I’m getting a taste for tea after an enlightened visit to Whittard of Chelsea who had invited me in for tea tasting. If you had read my last post you’d know I have not drank tea for 18 years!

As you walk into the shop they have a sign that says, “Introducing you to the World of Tea” and they certainly did’t disappoint.


I was greeted by Beata who introduced me to the tea brand. I was not surprised when she started to say they were a well established English brand, which was founded in 1886 and that they source the tea from all over the world.

All their teas are numbered and they all have a meaning. For instance No1 is English breakfast tea, which is their top seller. While No4 is Afternoon tea as 4pm is the perfect time for it. I loved these little facts as it all made perfect sense!

They sell their tea in bags, tins or boxes. It all depends what your personal choice is.

She then offered me different samples like Earl Grey, Moringa and Bamboo, Cucumber Mint and Cranberry and Raspberry.

I have to say the Moringa and Bamboo was my favourite. It’s a limited edition with flavours of lime, lemongrass and ginger. I surprised myself by liking this one as I don’t like ginger!

Another one I found delicious was the Cranberry and Raspberry tea. I tried this cold, but of course you can have it hot. Perfect for a hot Summers day as it was very light and refreshing.

Beata then showed me some of the other names of the tea and encouraged me to smell them. Have to say I was blown away by some of them as they were so familiar. For instant Cherry Blossom, White Chocolate, Toffee Apple. If you shut your eyes while smelling the loose tea you would think that they were the real thing. Blossom trees, white chocolate and toffee apples. Pure genius!

Whittard also sell some great ranges of tea ware and I was very taken with the Alice in Wonderland range.

I would encourage you to visit the shop and try some of the tea. If you don’t have much time they will give you a sample to take home. Or if you buy the tea and you don’t like it, you can bring it back for a full refund. Thats how confident they are with their tea. If you are like me you will be back to drink even more tea!

I had a great time visiting and Beata was absolutely delightful and friendly. We did have a laugh about tea!

It was not just a shop that sells tea, they also sell coffee, cocoa, biscuits and bespoke hampers. Some great gifts to buy.

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Have you been to Whittard in Kingston? Have you been to any other Whittard’s shops? Do you love drinking tea? Do you prefer to brew it yourself or are you a teabag kinda person? Let me know.

It is National Tea Day today and if you tweet use the hashtag #nationalteaday

Disclaimer: I was invited to Whittard for the purpose of this blog and was given the gift bag above. My opinion in this blog post was not influenced by this gift. 

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