Tea Tasting at T2 Kingston before National Tea Day

Before National Tea Day on Friday I was invited to a tea tasting at T2 in Kingston’s Bentall Centre. I was unsure about accepting the invite at first as I have not drank tea for 18 years, but then I thought why not! It could be fun.


The entrance to the shop is very open and welcoming.

As soon as I walked in I met Nick the shop manager, who was absolutely delightful. I soon learnt he is a tea expert, as he went on to amaze me with his  knowledge. He encouraged me to go round and smell the different leaves while telling me they stock 200 teas!

Nick the tea expect at T2 making my tea!

Nick spoke to me about how the T2 shops offer a tea experience and originates from Australia. It’s not just tea they sell they have some great tea wear. T2 sell a unique range of tea blends and Nick is sure they have a tea to suit everybody. To them it is all about offering good customer service and having a cup of tea with them.

Nick continued by explaining that its about understanding what is in the tea that is important. He talks to the customers to find out what they are used to, what they like snd how they brew their tea. Then he recommends a few different teas for them to try. It seems nothing is too much bother at T2 Kingston and the staff will happily make samples of their teas for you. Honestly it was like popping round to a friend’s and having a cuppa with them.

The store was bright, airy and full of some great displays. Lovely to walk round and smell the leaves in the tins and explore the great range of tea wear. I loved some of the colourful teapots, but they also do more simple designs.

Beautiful, colourful range of tea wear

In each of their shops they have a tasting table, which offer samples of both hot and cold teas from the range. Which is changed daily, so it’s worth popping in and trying them out. I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

The sample tasting table which gives you a chance to taste a different flavour of tea.

Nick made five samples of tea for me and first up was the French Earl Grey followed by Green Rose, Honey Vanilla, Packs a Peach and Jade Mountain. I was quite surprised how easy it was to make and brew the tea. I loved the teamakers they use. Just pop the water in followed by the loose leaf tea and watch it brew, then you can easily pour it into a cup.

The tea maker which is the brewing tool

Each of the teas had very different flavours and smells. My favourite one was the Packs a Peach which tasted very light and fresh, and unsurprisingly of peach.

If you are in Kingston do go in and try some. I enjoyed my visit today and would now certainly drink fruit teas as they were the type I enjoyed most.

Have you been to T2 in Kingston? Have you been to any other T2 shops? Do you love drinking tea? Do you prefer to brew it yourself or are you a teabag kinda person? Let me know.

To find out about the story of T2 visit their website here.

I would definitely recommend popping in and trying out the teas and of course meeting the great team they have at Kingston.

If you enjoy tea remember its National Tea Day on Friday and if you tweet use the hashtag #nationalteaday

a gift of Green tea and a Teamaker

Disclaimer: I was invited to T2 for the purpose of this blog and was given a gift of the above. My opinion in this blog post was not influenced by this gift. 

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