Breaking News – A different sort of Blog!!!

After taking part in a tweet chat the other night, I decided to write a different sort of blog!!!

If you don’t know what a tweet chat is or have never watched or joined in with one then read on as you should be enlightened, I hope!

It was on Twitter @thebloggershhub #tbhchat and John from @JohnRdToVol was hosting it. He did a great job of it.

I’m a bit of a watcher and don’t normally join the chats, but last night I did. It was about ‘Unseen Content’ and made me think about why I blog, what I enjoy about it and why I listen to other people who make me feel like my blog is no good.

The questions were,

  • How would you describe your content to a non follower
  • When you’re looking for content to read, what topics draw you in
  • Are there any topics you feel the need to be talked about more in the community
  • Why do you think these topics aren’t being talked about at the moment
  • Who’s content needs to be seen

It was a great topic, many bloggers joined in the chat, with lots of discussion going back and forth between us. Different points of views were shared and for me I felt an underlining feeling that it was ok to be open and no one would judge. Like there was no right or wrong answer to any of the questions. I loved the honesty of it all and the support that was given.

Too many bloggers to mention but a few said some words that stuck with me!

Ana @thesheapproach said, “I think we just need to write what’s in our hearts and not worry so much about fitting in. That’s the secret of quality content”

Kylie @confidentlyKylie said, “Encourage and share! Who cares what people think”

Nicole @blossom_blog said, “Write what’s true and share as much as possible”
Well during the chat I had a lightbulb moment!!! I might not be great at writing but I do enjoy writing my little blog. I might not be the best photographer, but I enjoy taking my snaps! Though at the end of the day I am being true to myself and all that read my blog.

To finish the chat off John encouraged everyone to share their favourite bloggers and he said something that stood out to me, which was “Clicking publish won’t end the world!”

Something that I will remember from now on when I publish.

I enjoyed the tweet chat so much and will be joining more of them.

If you want to know my favourite bloggers then look at my list on twitter!

Who’s blog do you enjoy reading? Or do you enjoy following someone on Twitter? Feel free to share.

Check out John’s website.

John’s Road to Volunteering


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