TOULOU organics enhancing my Skin

TOULOU Organics has come into my life. This is the first skin care item I have used in a while. I have been using this face creme for the last few weeks.  On the pump can it says  rejuvenating for mature skin. It might of well just said my name as thats description fits me.


So I thought I would give it a try.

Firstly I like the pump can it comes in. The 30ml size just fits nicely in your hand.
Each night I have pumped two drops of cream on my fingers and gently rubbed the cream all over my face. The cream spread easily and two drops are enough to cover the whole face. It has the most beautiful smell which is Mooring Seed and Camelia. My skin smells as though I have been to a spa. I have never come across this smell before buts its gorgeous and very fresh.

The cream is organic with plant ingredients which have nutrients beneficial to your skin. Something my skin needs. It seems to suit my dry flaky skin. It has moisturised it and my patchers of dryness have gone.

I am no beauty/ skin expert but I know when my skin feels and looks good.

So TOULOU Organics are the first Organic product I have used and it gets a big yes from me!

Have you used this brand before? Was it good for you?

Why not check them out on Twitter @ToulouOrganics

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