Riverside Restaurants Review… Kingston


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a food blogger event at Kingston Riverside. I was so looking forward to the event as its a great destination right by Kingston Bridge plus it was a lovely Spring evening. There was to be three pit stops around the Taste of The World event. First was CAU.



Its a beautiful modern designed restaurant with good seating inside and out. They serve Argentinian steaks and grill cuisine with the most fabulous cocktails. We were welcomed with refreshing cocktails and my favourite was the Pink Spritz.


We were offered so much food to taste. The steak skewer platter were so juicy and succulent. Not only were they beef, but chicken and lamb too. There was mini pork belly slices, Salmon Tostade, Beef taco, Burnt tomatoes, fried wings all served on slates. Have to say all the food I tasted was full of flavour. The bloggers were all ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ when the tasting was going on so I’m assuming that they agreed with me. IMG_7566



These dessert slates had mini brownies and mini churros. The brownies had mini marshmallows on top, which were still warm and exploded in my mouth. It was such a burst of beautiful flavour that I had to eat four!!

IMG_7328The next stop was Comptoir Libanais which serves wholesome and healthy Lebanese food. Its such a bright restaurant with a colourful decor. First was a selection of their lemonades. Apple, mint and ginger. Pomegranate and orange blossom and Lemon and lime. That was my favourite.


The manager then spoke to us about all the foods on the table. It was put out like a buffet and we all tried the different dishes while we sat down and had a chat with each other. It was a real selection of food with dips like Hummus and salads. There was falafel, grilled lamb and chicken wings, batty harra, baba ghanuj and pitta bread. As soon as food bloggers see food their phones and cameras come out but for some reason this night I was so busy enjoying all the delights the restaurants offered, I actually did not take many photos. Overall the food was colourful, tasty with a kick but that may of been my over sensitive palate.





IMG_7326Our final pit stop was Cote Brasserie. They serve French classics dishes with a twist. We were their to try some of their dessert wines and desserts. The lovely manager spoke to us about Domaine de Barroubio and Languedoc wines. Both seemed sweet and sticky to taste which is normal but for me I enjoyed the Languedoc more. The desserts on the other hand were two of their most popular dishes. Chocolate mouse which was rich and filling. You would not need too much of this. My favourite was the other dish which was Creme Caramel. Wow it tasted so good. So creamy and light and just melted in your mouth. Just perfect to finish the evening off.





I would go back and eat in all these restaurants again. They all had a good selection of foods and drink on their menus and seemed very reasonable priced. The Riverside location is a real bonus.

The outside restaurant photos were given to me to use in my blog but the other photos are my own. I was invited to each restaurant for the purpose of a review and the above opinions are my own.



Have you eaten in any of these restaurants? Let me know what you thought!

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  1. Josh says:

    Very nice! Especially that CAU, I can’t wait to have a look in there and give their food and cocktails a try!

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