Quick 5. Music I enjoy!!!




I enjoy so many different types of music and here are just a few of my favourite ones!


1.Ronan Keating – Years ago his voice had a real Irish twang now his voice is more controlled and English sounding, but I still enjoying listening to him. Most of his songs have a real good feel factor.

2.Adele – Such a powerful unique voice. Always so full of emotion and beautiful sounding.

3.Chris Martin – A very youthful sound. Makes me smile whenever I hear him sing.

4.Olly Murs – Always feel good songs and normally quite catchy. They normally are a must sing along song.

5.Rick Astley – Just love his strong voice. He sings all sorts from pop to soul to jazz. I have heard him live quite a few times. He is the real deal. He always sounds perfect even when he was singing live with a sore throat.


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