Quick 5. Programs I watch!!!


1. Emmerdale – British soap. Set in the Yorkshire Dales and its all about the locals and their lives. Easy watching and the only soap I watch.
2. The Blacklist – American crime drama with the FBI and a high profile criminal who start to work together. Full of action, intrigue and suspense. I can never wait for the next show.
3. Scandal – American political triller. Action in the White House with the President, co workers, an affair.  A real must watch!! Emotional, hard, gripping, loving. Great acting and a brilliant story line.
4. Madam Secretary – American political drama following a female US Secretary of State. Her everyday duties are sometimes difficult while trying to support her family and her gorgeous husband. You never know what is going to happen next!!
5. Stella – A British comedy set in beautiful Wales with Stella being the main character. It follows all her family dramas. An easy funny show to relax to.

What do you watch? Leave me a comment.

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  1. Get on Happy Valley… when Series 3 comes out you’ll be glued.
    The series with Anna Friel which will be on tv soon looks very interesting too.

    Love Emmerdale! ! Kxxx

  2. millymollydoes@gmail.com says:

    hey it was so hard to choose the best ones I have recently watched. I mean I never even mention The Night Manager. Wow that was gripping TV plus a very handsome leading man!! You can’t go wrong with a bit of outdoor Emmerdale. I love Cain he is such a brute!! Ha Ha. I will certainly look out for the show with Anna Friel.
    L x

  3. Phil says:

    Love blacklist great show.

  4. millymollydoes@gmail.com says:

    Hi Phil,

    I agree 100%.


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