Well this time every year the talk is about Pancakes!!

You either love them or you don’t. I happen to love them and each year I always think, why have I waited another year to eat something I like.

All I needed was flour, milk and an egg. Give it a good mixing and just pour.




Looks good to me. I have to admit, I rarely cook. Don’t judge me its just not everyones cup of tea.


I love bananas too so just added them and nothing else. I will own up now and say I made two. They were so yummy.

Absolutely lovely even if I say so myself.

Did you make Pancakes? What toppings did you have? sweet or savoury?

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  1. Fay says:

    I have to admit I love pancakes a little too much and definitely do not wait until Pancake day!! You would LOVE Crepe Affaire, there is one in Wimbledon (think that’s the closest to you). You would also fall in love with My Old Dutch! Both serve sweet and savoury stuff.

    My usual toppings are nuttella, fluff (marshmallow stuff!), chopped nuts and bananas!

  2. says:

    oh my, I must check those out. I love eating out. My family call me a social butterfly!! I love fluff the marshmallow stuff. Shame I never had some. Next time I will.


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