Pizza Express Surbiton

Tonight myself and a few friends went to Pizza Express in Surbiton. To be honest I have been before and always have had a good meal but tonight was different.
Why? It was not only because of the good food but the great customer service we were treated to by JAMES.

I was so busy catching up with my friends I only took a few photos so you will have to take my word for it when I say its a lovely restaurant with a spacious  layout which is very open and clean.

IMG_4286IMG_4285Their marble tables are always so smooth and clean, with simple place settings.

For starters I ordered the Dough balls formaggi  which are rolled and baked with gran milano cheese. It was a generous portion and with the garlic butter they were yummy and filling. I liked the presentation of the food, very simple.


For mains I had an American pizza which was full of tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni. It smelt so good and tasted even better.


One of my friends had a vegetarian pizza. The Fiorentina. Wow look at that egg. It also had tomato, olives, spinach, mozzarella and gran milano cheese. She said it was delightful.


My friends had desserts but I was so full I could not eat another bite. Don’t they look good?

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Overall the food was delicious, filling and great value for money.

Now back to James……………….

He was very welcoming and spoke about some different dishes on the menu. He was even patient with me when I still could not make my mind up after my friends had all ordered.  You could say he made time for me. Never rushed me, was patient, listened to me. For me thats great customer service and wants me to go back. Thats why I will go back.

See you soon Pizza Express Surbiton……………..

Have you been to a restaurant and received good customer service? Let me know ………….

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  1. It’s so nice to read an article about good customer service! I’ve been to Pizza Express in Surbiton many times and I agree that the staff (and food) there is always brilliant. When it first opened, it felt a bit out-of-place in Surbiton but now it always seems really busy.

    Their takeaway service in Surbiton is always good too.



  2. says:

    Hi Rax. Its all very new to me and I appreciate you taking the time out to read my blog and leave a comment. Nowadays I believe customer service is more important than ever as there are so many other restaurants out there.To be honest I’m all for good customer service whether its in a restaurant, retail shop, hotels, banks etc there are no excuses not to give it. Im a real foodie so I will be doing more blogs on food and service.
    I often met friends in the surbiton branch as its quite local for us all and we have always had a good meal there. Its always had a friendly and relaxed environment.
    I love to get recommendations so feel free to share.

    L xx

  3. Fay says:

    I LOVE pizza express but haven’t been to the one in Surbiton. I love the one in Wimbledon village and on Fulham Road. Glad you had such a great experience and enjoyed the food. If you get a chance my dad and I went to a new one in Valley Park and went to the cinema after it was a lovely restaurant xx

  4. says:

    Hi Fay,

    Yes I believe you are a pizza lover like myself!! Thanks for those recommendations. It really does go to show that you don’t have to go to a expensive restaurant to get a good meal.
    L x

  5. Josh says:

    Nice to read about Pizza Express being such a pleasant experience. Having been to Sicily last year, I’m struggling to find pizzas with quality to match, but they do a very nice pizza for a chain restaurant! I’d be interested to read more reviews, especially if you happen upon any local Indian or Chinese places. Keep up the great blogging, they are enjoyable! Good luck!

  6. says:

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes the pizzas they do are very nice. I’m sure I will be visiting loads of other restaurants so you best pop back to look at different times.
    L xx

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